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Frequently asked questions

When will my order arrive?

We typically ship Monday-Friday and process orders within 1-5 business days (except holidays and weekends). Occasionally, and especially during sales, order processing can take longer. All packages, unless otherwise stipulated, are shipped via United States Postal Service. This service provides delivery confirmation for all of our orders.

Can I track my order?

After your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking link.
Generally, domestic orders are delivered within 1-12 business days - depending on the service you chose.
International orders can take anywhere from 5-21 business days (depending on the destination)
If you attempt to track your package within 48 hours after it has left our warehouse and there is no information available about your package, this is because the carrier has not scanned your package yet. When the package is scanned you will be able see the tracking information. Please allow at least 48 hours for the carrier to scan your package. If you still do not see tracking information please email us at

Are products offered by Reloadhq LLC FDA approved?

Products offered by Reloadhq LLC is a supplement, not a drug or medication. Unlike medications and drugs which require approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), dietary supplements do NOT need to be FDA approved. All products offered by Reloadhq LLC are manufactured in FDA certified facilities, these facilities are inspected by and adhere to the requirements of the United States FDA.

Where is Reload products manufactured?

All products offered by Reloadhq LLC are manufactured in the U.S.A under a certified good manufacturing practices (cGMP) laboratory adhering to strict FDA guidelines.

What is a GMP Certification?

There is only one certification that ensures your gaming supplements, or any supplement for that matter, are made to the strictest standards and regulations of the USA. This certification,  GMP, stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. The GMP certification refers specifically to the standard of quality and safety regulations a pharmaceutical drug or supplement is manufactured under.

GMP assures that every bottle manufactured is made in a clean, hygienic facility; environmental conditions are controlled and maintained to limit the risks of cross-contamination, operators are trained well in the fine details of carrying out GMP processes and that the ingredients you pay for are the ingredients you get – no sacrifices in quality.

How will I feel after taking Reload Gamesense?

Expect to feel a smooth, focused energy with no jitters and enhance clarity of thought.

Some of the effects may demonstrate themselves almost immediately but others effects are more noticeable after prolonged, continuous use.